Surfside Beach, Texas Series

As I was growing up on the Texas Coast, spending summer weekends packing up our yellow station wagon with kids, sandwiches and Cheetos and heading to the beach, I didn't realize the deep impact it would have throughout my life on my journey to get back to my earthly roots and heal from trauma. There is something special about being in a place where you can lie on your tummy, press your cheek to the earth and hug her for comfort. I realized how much I needed that when I moved to Nebraska in my 20's. My heart ached for the ocean. When I moved back to the Texas Coast in 2010 I often tried to spend time there with difficulty. I was allowing my home and religious life to prevent me from living as my authentic self. However, with a lot of effort and struggle, I made some major longtime-coming changes in my life and that enabled me to be at the beach whenever I chose to! I started with always having my sketchbook with me and drawing my experience. I wanted to ease into what would manifest itself from me creatively and focused on staying inspired more than creating. Well, it didn't take long for that inspiration along with a deeper acceptance of self to manifest into my Surfside, TX Beach Series of paintings! These are all painted from photos I took from 2018 - 2019 at Surfside. 

Cheryse Gilmore Art -Texas-based artist painting her life and journey of healing where the land meets the sun and sea to connect with others and empower change for survivors of violence in addition to offering custom commissions, murals and pet portraits. 

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